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Products from Faber Feinkost

Faber Feinkost

Faber Feinkost is a butcher’s from Bad Kissingen. In many cases Faber Feinkost is one of the leading traders for delicacies. Freshness, quality and taste: The basis for quality is the controlled purchase of the best food. Bernd Faber visits his farmers regularly to select healthy and well-fed pigs and cattles for the production of good Faber sausage and ham varieties.

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Chili con Carne
Chili con Carne
Content 380 Gramm (1.83€ / 100 Gramm)
6.95€ *
Faber Gourmet Suckling Pig in Vegetable Stew
Faber Gourmet Suckling Pig in Vegetable Stew
Content 200 Gramm (3.38€ / 100 Gramm)
6.75€ *

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