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By the natural feed, for example acorns, herbs, roots, leaves and so on, an unique savory, crispy and dark meat is produced. This is due to a number of different factors: The animals live in the forest and this ensures happy and healthy pigs. The animals are fed only with natural feeds, which occur in the oak forest. Each of the pigs has significantly more than 1.000 m² of forest pasture available. From this unique attitude in Germany, the meat quality is unparalleled: the core is bite, juicy on the tongue and nutty in the taste.

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Air dried ham, whole piece
Air dried ham, whole piece
Content 300 Gramm (66.50€ / 1000 Gramm)
19.95€ *
Truffle paté
Truffle paté
Content 200 Gramm (3.48€ / 100 Gramm)
6.95€ *
Chanterelle paté
Chanterelle paté
Content 200 Gramm (3.45€ / 100 Gramm)
6.90€ *
Home made liver sausage from Franken
Home made liver sausage from Franken
Content 200 Gramm (3.25€ / 100 Gramm)
6.50€ *

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