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About Schrader


Everything we do is characterized by our experience and our values. 1519_1351_teemaennchen As a family owned company it is very important for us to act responsibly in our environment and maintain contacts towards our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. Our aim is not only to provide Schraders carefully chosen assortment, but also to integrate many special new products into the assortment. During our 90 plus year history, the satisfaction of or customers has become a key element of our actions.


The beginning

1520_1352_portraitThe foundation of the company Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG was laid by the son of a factory owner, who was born on the 15.09.1874 and named Paul Schrader.
The captain who was deployed in East Asia and the Pacific by the Imperial Navy was a tea lover. So he and two further partners named Albert Bellstedt and Otto Blendermann had the idea to found the tea and coffee mail-order company Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG on the 03.05.1921.

After the foundation in 1921, the company exclusively concentrated on mail order selling of special tea and coffee varieties. In June 1921 1522_1354_lagerthe first written offer appeared in form of a one page price list. It included six varieties of tea and three of each roasted and unroasted coffees and cocoa.

In November 1921 all the products and note papers were labelled with a symbol of a “Teemännchen” (Schraders tea man). The symbol remained till now and is still part of the company logo. In November 1925 the partner Albert Bellstedt transferred all his shares to the tradesman Theodor Werner Gustav Tiemann, who became the new director after working as a tea merchant in China. 1926 the product range of Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG was expanded. Besides 12 different tea and 8 different coffee varieties, Schrader now also offered chocolates and candies. The partner Thedor Tiemann died on the 24. April 1961. He was one of the main factors for Schraders success and expansion. In January 1962 Karl Wilhelm Arend Vollers became his successor, who was known as the tea guru among the society of Bremen and tea connoisseurs.

During the 1990’s Schrader offered up to 3.500 articles in a catalogue of round about 300 pages. In order to concentrate on the core business of tea, Schrader decided to slim down their already narrowed assortment by reducing 1000 items in 2003. In 2005 the current managing director Michael Rolf became the successor of Arend Vollers. Now days the choice of teas includes more than 400 varieties from around the world and is complemented by a range of delicacies like coffee, cocoa, pastries, honey, jam, chocolate, sweets as well as accessories, lifestyle and wellness products. Traditional teas like the desirable tea Nr. 6 (a blend of fine first and second flush from the highlands of Darjeeling) are embedded in the assortment and can be found in the catalogue containing more than 200 pages. Totally true to the motto: “Retain the proven elements and simultaneously improve them.”


"Teemännchen" (Tea man)


Shortly after founding the company, captain Paul Schrader had the idea to invent the “Teemännchen” (tea man) as company logo. This idea came to his mind during a trip to Asia
1518_1355_entw_logo2016 On the 1. November 1921 all the products and note papers were labelled with the “Teemännchen” as a sign of high quality tea. In February 1926 the company logo was supplemented by three Chinese characters, which have the meaning “little tea man”.

The „Teemännchen“ logo remained until today. Merely the font and colour were adapted during over 90 years of company history to the spirits of time. The “Teemännchen” as well as the three Chinese characters still remain traditional trademarks of the Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG.

Facts & Figures

Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG is a leading company in the mail order business for tea in Europe. Besides tea, we also offer a variety of exquisite delicacies like coffee, cocoa, pastries, honey, jam, chocolate, sweets as well as a selected range of accessories, lifestyle and wellness products.

  • Founded 1921
  • 60 Employees
  • Over 200 suppliers
  • More than 1.500 articles listed
  • Over 400 varieties of tea

Besides the four main catalogues in winter, spring, summer and autumn, we additionally publish seasonal catalogues for Easter and Christmas. All our products can also easily be ordered online in our web-shop: www.paul-schrader.com Our sales concept is rounded off through special print-mailings, newsletters for our own customers and for the acquisition of new customers as well as our sale opportunities via online portals such as amazon.com and in our Shop in the city center of Bremen (Spitzenkiel 14, near Ansgaritorstraße).


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